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In you need help with the operation of Mektek Programmers

No connecting loom for a particular coin mechanism:
Go to the Additional Looms page of this website, locate the loom required then go to New Price List & Buy Now to order.

Not sure which Coinset File to use (Mektek Classic)
Go to the Coinset File Descriptions page of this website for details of generic Coinset Files. If no suitable file is listed Email us at Mektek with details of your requirements and we will happily produce a custom Coinset File for you at no charge.

Experiencing difficulty installing the Programmer or difficulty in programming a mechanism.
> Go to the
Manuals page of this website, check the edition of the Manual you are using and if necessary download the latest edition. Read through the Manual carefully as most queries can be solved by reference to the Manual.
   Go to the Program Tips page of this website for your Programmer and read through carefully. Tips-
Mektek Classic  Tips-Mektek Plus
> Go to the
Software Download page of this website, check the issue of the Operating Software and if necessary download the latest issue.
>Check the Programming Help pages of this website for assistance.

If you are still having difficulty after going through the above steps.
Telephone the free Mektek Helpline on
+44 (0)1628525525. Only available in English.
OR send us an Email at - - with details of your query and we will endeavour to respond by return. Please use English whenever possible.