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1. New release of Classic Software:

Version v3.0.4 is now available to download from the Download Software page. This makes adding multiple coins using generic Coinset Files much easier as each Channel can be Programmed, Retained or Cleared.

2. New U.K. £1 coin

For instructions on using the Mektek 3 to add the new £1 to various coin mechanisms go to Adding New £1 coin

 3. Adding New £1 coin.

Ensure that a sample set of new and used examples of various years of the £1 coin are used to generate acceptance windows.

4. SR3/5 mechanisms:

The Mektek 3 does not support these coin mechanisms and they are not in the development plan.  Many of the U.K. supplied mechanisms do have the “Self-teach” facility included. Instructions on how to use the facility to add a new coin are available at various sites on the Internet. 



Cashflow CF340:

When programming in Bonus games please do not use Bonus 1.