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We are constantly expanding the range of Coin Mechanisms supported by the Mektek Programmer and introducing improvements to the operating software in response to our Customers' needs. To get the maximum benefit from your Mektek Programmer download the latest free update version of the operating software today.

Complete Software for Mektek 3 Programmer (July 2017 Latest issue)
Click here> Complete Mektek 3 Software

Be sure to follow the latest installation guide - V1.9
Click here to view: Installation Guide

 "Classic” program:   Coinset Files (July 2017).
Compatible with all models of  Lite, Pro, Mektek 2, Mektek 3 & Classic
Some Files have been changed & some added for use with the new V3.0.4 software above. We recommend that you replace your existing files with the new ones. To save confusion move the old files (C:\Program Files\Mektek\Coinsets) to a new folder before downloading. Click to download the following file to your Desktop. Once the download  is complete install the new software by double-clicking the new file and then start the Programmer software in the normal manner. 
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Mektek Coinsets - Classic