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Connect the Programmer to a PC or Laptop, install the Mektek software and you are ready to reprogram coin mechanisms in the field or in the workshop. To add a coin type (or token) simply pass the coins through the Programmer and follow the simple on-screen instructions for a great result.  Lots of other features - depending on the mechanism type - including Validator Test, change routings/prices/output codes/inhibits/etc, remove slug coins, restore corrupt memory and many more.   Free software updates available for download. Free Technical Helpline.  Hundreds already in use right across Europe, North America, South America, NZ & Australia.  (Note: Recommended operating systems: Windows 95/98, ME, XP, 7, 8.1)
Windows 10:  Mektek does not currently recommend Windows 10 for use with the Mektek Programmer. 

Mektek 3 Programmer   No longer available.       


Credits still available:
  Purchase by Email - any quantity from 1 upwards.
              1 to 25 Credits  £4.00 per Credit
         26 to 100 Credits  £3.50 per Credit
                101+ Credits  £3.00 per Credi