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Bipolar PROMS:
Older types of MEI coin mechanisms store coin data on removeable Bipolar PROMs. Once programmed these PROMs cannot be erased. They have a lower (1) and an upper (2) segment and each segment can be programmed with one complete set of coin data for the mechanism. Switching between segments depends on the type of mechanism. Due to the age and variety of mechanisms, we recommend duplicating the data in each segment so that segment selection is not an issue. Unfortunately these PROM are becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to obtain.

Mektek E+1 memory devices: (MS1000 & MS1400 Klix)
Instead of the PROM use an E+1 reprogrammable memory device from Mektek - suitable for MS1000 & Klix machines - these devices fit in the same socket as the PROM but have two major advantages.  Firstly they can be reprogrammed as many times as necessary and secondly they have a simple mechanical switch to move from one segment to another. Different models are available dependent on the mechanism type as below.

E+1A:For amusement mechanisms no longer available.   


E+1V - for vending mechanisms such as MS1000, ME1099                                                



E+1K - for MS1400 dumb mechanisms as used in Klix machines                                              



PROM - Fits all types above.
eg Manufacturer Part Numbers: Signetics & Phillips N82S126AN (1k) & N82S130AN (2k) : National Semiconductor: DM74S387AN(2k)

0-20     £4.20
21-100 £3.80
100+    £2.80