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Credits are available from Mektek or our UK agents for the foreseeable future. 

Pre paid Credit From 1st Feb 2017

1 - 25        £4.00 per Credit
26 - 100     £3.50 per Credit
101+          £3.00 per Credit

 Checking credits

To check the number of credits remaining in the Programmer or to order more credits start either program & click on Load Credits.  The number of credits available is shown along with the number used.

 Loading credits

  • · To replenish credits start the Programmer and click on Load Credits.
  • · Click on the Number Requested box and enter the amount required
  • · Click on Request More Credits and a unique code message of up to 40 characters will appear in the Code String box. Copy (double click on the box to select the field, right click on the mouse and click on Copy) then paste this number into an Email or Fax and send to your supplier.

Once payment has been received a similar Code String will be returned.

  • · Paste the new code message into the box and click on Load New Credits.
  • · The Number Loaded will be displayed and added to those available.
  • · Click on Return to Main Menu to exit.