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The items below are included in versions V3.0 onwards.

Corrupt memory- If a supposedly good mechanism refuses to function it could have a corrupt memory. This can be often be repaired by using the "Copy Configuration" option in the Adjust Settings screen. This allows you to load a mech with the "soft settings" from a known good mech (effectively an intelligent "cloning") to restore corrupt settings.  Firstly save the memory from the "good mech" to a file. Then go into "adjust settings" with the target mech (this reads what is in its memory already), and then use the copy configuration to read in the data from the "good mech". Everything in the target mech will be overwritten except the serial number, the reference data and the coin windows. Then Write the Mech at the cost of 1 credit.

Backup Files - The first time a particular serial number discriminator is read a backup copy of the original data is saved in the folder c:\Program Files\Xprogrammer\Backup\. The filename is NNNNxxNNNNN.txt where NNNNNNNNNN matches the serial number on the Discriminator label (the bottom number on the angled barcode label on a 330 or 340, or on the LHS of a 126).
For example for discriminator number 1913Y504930 the filename is 1913xx04930.txt  (The Y5 is not readable through the HI2 connector)
The backup file can be used to restore a unit to its original configuration if required.

Do not use Bonus 1 settings.

New Options added to CF330/CF340 programming screen. "Type 1", "Type 2" or “Type 3” Discriminators. This has been introduced because some older discriminator modules have a different scaling of the diameter sensor values!
Revised programming instructions for Discriminator Selection have been introduced as follows:
1. Test with old coins to check that mech is working in the first place.
2. Program new coins as Type 1.
3. If coin acceptance fails try as Type 2 on one coin. (Do not exit the software or try another coin mech so that no more Credits are deducted) If this works program the remaining coins as Type 2
4. If Type 2 fails try Type 3 on one coin.  (Do not exit the software or try another coin mech so that no more Credits are deducted) If this works program the remaining coins as Type 3.
5. ONLY as a last resort use a Cloning Routine - ask Mektek for details.

CF126 - difficulty programming Hungarian 200HUF coin:
Download latest software version v3.00

CF111/115 & CF126:  Adding new UK 5p & 10p coins.
Care is needed when programming the new 5p and 10p coins into these mechs. Channels 1 and 2 are usually reserved for Tokens so only use these channels if you are sure that the host machine has a parallel connection - eg videos, cranes etc. If the coin mech is to be used in a Gaming/Fruit machine you will have to program the 5p/10p into spare or unused channels - eg old 50p - and then make sure that the Binary Code, Inhibits and Output Channel are set the same as the normal 5p/10p channel.

CF560: Changing some of the settings in the CF560 requires a Route Alpha unit. 
eg Individual Coin Inhibits, Coin Routings and Coin Values.